Tazzoni Giulio XL Materiale Cups

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Description: Classical yet innovative, Caffè Diemme’s cup are designed to blend rigorous simplicity with an elegant line.

What makes the cup unique is that its concave bottom, when placed on the convex saucer, combine perfectly. The two seem to attract one another – a sort of magnetic effect.

The cup comes in 5 different sizes: the espresso coffee size, an intermediate size, a cappuccino size, an XL size and an XXL size.

Manufactured in porcelain, in a sturdy yet brilliant white finish, its standards comply with all the technical requirements to enable you to taste your coffee. Its distinctive traits are its tapered shape, the ideally thick and insulated sides keep the temperature of your beverage warm, the formation of crema, and its rounded cupshape that heighten the flavour of coffee.

Cups are available in 6 pieces boxes with saucers.