Funny Espresso Cups - 6 set

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Caffè Diemme pour "The World of Coffee" in the cup

Coffee is life, life is color: this is the message that Caffè Diemme expresses in the 2021 edition of the Funny Cups, dedicated to "The World of Coffee". The new line of porcelain cups was launched to celebrate the flourishing of nature and the positive thrust. An energy and creativity that come to life from the earth and its fruits, as is coffee, but which must also be carefully preserved by human hands during cultivation and processing. Only in this way the richness contained in the beans can be transformed into daily charge and pleasure, through a good espresso at the bar.

The World of Coffee tells this in 6 different subjects, made unique by lively and current illustrations. A project developed to emphasize the gesture of serving or enjoying a coffee: this may be the right time to better appreciate the history, the characteristics, the artisan knowledge of the coffee world. Caffè Diemme testifies to this with the desire to continue developing ideas, including the new Funny Cups, to never give up on originality and emotion.
Funny Cups with saucers can be available in boxes, each containing 6 pieces.