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Culinaire & Beyond has chosen to represent certified specialty products and brands after thorough research and understanding of the market needs. Each brand is specifically chosen because of its excellent origin, authenticity and quality. These brands are part of an expression of how Culinaire & Beyond creates value and sheds light on thriving and promising products. 

Culinaire & Beyond launched its brands division in March 2018, introducing two Italian coffee brands Caffe Diemme & VBM to Bahrain amidst food bloggers, renowned chefs and the Italian Ambassador to Bahrain. Both brands were a valuable addition to the coffee sector, and the additional maintenance and support services offered for the coffee industry have proven to be extremely beneficial for restaurant owners, cafes ,hotels and home baristas who need urgent repairs and training. We are delighted to have added a new brand to our portfolio keeping market trends audience preferences and requirements as promised always in mind.

Caffe Diemme has been in the coffee roasting market since 1927 and is one of the historic Italian coffee roasting brands. Caffè Diemme has been run by the Dubbini family for more than eighty years, and is now at the third generation. It is a modern industrial complex which amalgamates tradition and innovation.

Caffè Diemme has high specialisation in the HO.RE.CA sector, preserving and promoting high quality standards, product research, training, advisory service, flexibility and customer support. Every day we channel our passion into our work routine to ensure we have strong, cooperative relations to develop our businesses together. 

Fourty years of achievements, from group VBM E61 to the new TS system. Not all companies can boast forty years of research and achievements in their fields.

Since 1976, VBM has been designing, manufacturing and selling worldwide espresso machines appreciated by generations of baristas, confectioners, owners of cafes, restaurants and hotels.

The VBM Revolution is driven by passion offering more advanced, intuitive quality products that anticipate and meet the needs of all the baristas globally. VBM’s goal is to produce machines that encourage baristas to fully express their creativity, with excellent results.

Since the very beginning, the ambitious industrial goal of the Company was to become an established player on a global scale, thanks to an extremely advanced know how. Magister actually decided simply not to assemble components, but to produce their coffee machines as a result of very accurate design, with relevant investment in research, betting on the development of technical and procedural innovation.

This was all clearly visible in the very first model, named System, whose quality and solidity immediately received a widespread appreciation. As in the following Magister products, constantly updated in terms of design and aesthetics, made a cornerstone of the traditional engineering and the unique features of the “Made in Italy”




Drum roll please: Introducing a new guilt free way of snacking, a dash of Indian flavour to  Bahrain .Its delicious, healthy, available in six flavours.

Makhana also known as, foxnut is an Asian Water plants called Lotus Seed. Mr. Makhana is all about delicious healthy snacking, its roasted and not fried in Olive oil which makes it the perfect everyday munchies.

It's light on your body but big on your  palate, hence good for maintaining a healthy  lifestyle. 

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